How to Play Super10 on a Trusted IDN Poker Site

Have you ever heard of Super10 games? Maybe from the name alone you can hear that this game is very exciting to play, but in fact it is indeed very exciting to play. If you

Have you ever heard of Super10 games? Maybe from the name alone you can hear that this game is very exciting to play, but in fact it is indeed very exciting to play.

If you have never played the Super10 game, then you can try to play this Super10 game from the IDN poker platform. Where idn poker has indeed been proven to be the most popular betting game provider platform.

Playing the super10 betting game on the idn poker platform is not as difficult as you might imagine, you only need to take out your gadget. Then you can immediately open your browser application to do a google search, by typing the search keyword “agent super10 idn poker” then you can immediately choose one of the dozens of trusted Super10 agents available.

The first step you must take to play Super10 is to find a trusted IDN poker site. Because there are so many poker sites that trick their players by manipulating the game. Play only on sites that have an official PAGCOR license.

By playing on the original and official idn poker site, you will get a lot of benefits from it. Like many bonuses, complete games, cheap deposits, 24/7 customer service, and many more.

Game Goal Super10

If you want to play the Super10 bet, then you must first know what the purpose is in playing this Super10 game. Knowledge of game objectives is very general and must be known by players, where if the players do not know the purpose of playing the game Super10, then they will not be able to play this game properly.

The purpose of playing bets in the game Super10 is to get the card with the highest value in the hand. The highest card value you can get is 10, this Super10 game will be played clockwise, starting from the left, which is the dealer button. In general, before the distribution of cards starts, players who want to play must make bets first. The first bet made by all players is the same.

After the initial bet, each player will get 2 cards each then the player calculates the cards, whether the card they get has the possibility to get a value of 10 or not, if the player feels that their two cards can get a value of 10 cards then the third card will be dealt again to these players. For players who have the highest card value, they will win the betting game.

13 Super10 Card Sequences

When you play the Super10 betting game, of course you have to know what card order is in this Super10 game. In the following, we will provide a card sequence starting from the largest order to the smallest card sequence in the game Super10:

  • Three Picture
  • Any Three Picture
  • Super 10
  • Value Ten
  • Value 9
  • Value 8
  • Value 7
  • Value 6
  • Value 5
  • Value 4
  • Value 3
  • Value 2
  • Value 1

The card count in the super10 game is the total number of the last 2 face numbers of the number cards that will be counted as the card value you get. For picture cards, it will be calculated with a value of 10 when adding the values.

However, if during the card count there are players who have the same value, then the winner of the bet will be determined by the highest card, namely K-A. However, if the highest card is the same value between players, then the winner will be determined by the card symbol in the highest order (waru, heart, curly, and diamond).