Last Updated 28 February 2017

Welcome to the home page of the Ecumenical Storehouse, Inc., in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The Storehouse was established in 1984 and is operated by all volunteers on a rotating basis by 12 congregations. The Storehouse accepts, stores, and distributes almost every type of household good - essentially everything a person would need to set up a small living quarters, except food and clothes. Most of the clients served by the Ecumenical Storehouse live in Anderson County, but clients also come from Roane, Campbell, Morgan, Scott and other area counties. Many of the clients are from among the vast number of Appalachian poor in the area; others have lost everything in a fire or storm; still others find themselves in abusive situations and need emergency assistance to establish a new home. All are in need, and they have nowhere else to turn for the service the Storehouse provides. Clients must be referred by a government, social, or religious body with knowledge of their situation and are served regardless of race, faith, gender, or handicap. In 2016 the Storehouse ministered through the distribution of about $350,000 of used household goods to 726 families with 2,249 members, including 1,043 children, during 1,418 visits to the Storehouse. While helping those in need, this ministry has also kept thousands of pounds of reuseable household goods out of dumps, making it a very 'green' operation. The Ecumenical Storehouse, Inc., is a member of the United Way of Anderson County and receives funds from that organization, grants from other agencies, and donations of household goods and funds from local churches and individuals.

MISSION STATEMENT -- The mission of the Ecumenical Storehouse is to provide usable household items to those in crisis from Appalachia, primarily Anderson, Campbell, Morgan, Roane, and Scott counties, regardless of race, faith, gender, or handicap.

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